Loft Flooring – Surrey & Greater London

Dedicated loft spaces require a load-bearing floor that can hold heavy items and support adults. We can supply and install first-class loft boarding and flooring to fit insulation underneath so you can make the most out of your loft space and ensure energy efficiency and cost-saving.

At Surrey Loft Installations, we prioritise care and attention to detail when installing new loft flooring. Our approach ensures easy accessibility and practical usability of the space while always maintaining or improving the integrity of your loft insulation.

In most cases, we achieve this through raised loft flooring, creating a gap between the boards and your insulation. This prevents compression and preserves its energy-efficient properties.

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The benefits of loft flooring

Reduce Heat Loss

Prevents heat loss

When you board out your loft, it is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your loft insulation so it meets current efficiency standards.

Installing insulation after over boarding would require moving old loft boards, resulting in unnecessary work and expense. Adding new or more insulation to meet the required standards will improve your property’s warmth.

Creates Space

Creates space

A new storage area can have many benefits beyond looking after your property because it will help you declutter and tidy your home. Items that you have over your house and do not use often can have a home and be moved conveniently out of sight and stored for future use.

This creates more space and promotes a sense of relaxation and calm.

Safe Access

Safe access

Storing items in an unboarded loft can be dangerous. By installing raised loft flooring, you can create a safe and secure deck that allows easy access to your loft.

Our loft specialists can select a loft flooring product and include products such as loft ladders for excellent access to the space. All our flooring complies with building regulations and has the necessary BBA certification.

Increase Value Of Property

Increase value

With the correct loft insulation and raised loft flooring, you can enhance the energy efficiency of your property.

Improving your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating can serve as an appealing feature when it comes to selling your home. Having ample storage space will also act as a valuable selling point.

Reduce Condensation

No condensation

Having space between your loft boarding and insulation gives the insulation room to breathe.

Unlike traditional boarding that compresses insulation, our loft flooring will preserve insulation and avoid the risk of damp timber joints and moisture. This will eliminate the need for costly repairs.

Ideal For All Properties

Ideal for all properties

We can install new loft boarding in all types of properties and in spaces of all descriptions.

This includes new builds and will not void your property’s warranty. We commonly work in older properties to transform the space and make the home warmer and more functional.

The installation process

Our loft specialists install raised loft flooring using loft legs or timber joists. We take great pride in offering a friendly and professional service.

Our new loft floors are strong, durable, and long-lasting. Our fitters will always ensure all work is completed to the highest standards.

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